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Eleni E.Mother of 4 Yr Old

My child had knee pain. She would walk less and little bit slower.” How long did it take to notice a change in your child's main complaint using natural chiropractic care? "The fourth visit" What would you say when recommending chiropractic care to other parents? "That it helps children ease the pain and I am very happy with the result.

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My main complaint was mid back pain. I felt uncomfortable each time my back would hurt and I had to lay down. My first adjustment did not hurt, it made me lighter and less stiff. I think that chiropractic care is very helpful for pregnant women because it helps in relaxing and relieving pain issues.

Susie V.
Pregnant Mother

I would recommend chiropractic to other parents because it really does help for kids.

Ashley M.
Mom of 6 years old patient following a car accident
Tyeshia R.16 Yr Old

My main complaint when I started chiropractic treatment was my neck and my upper and lower back (following a car accident). My quality of my life was very limited, I could not work, sleep or do the basic things one needs to maintain a viable lifestyle. It was a very difficult time. Before trying chiropractic I tried a traditional medical practice. This did not really help me, they gave me drugs and that was it. Under chiropractic care, I started to notice a change right away. I had trouble sleeping and sinus pain. After beginning care, I slept better and my sinus pressure has improved in dramatic amounts. My first adjustment was wonderful, the doctor put me at ease, and there was no real pain. I felt very relaxed afterwards.

Dr. Carmel Wiseman

Dr. Wiseman is Nationally Board Certified, and holds a license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Her speciality is caring for families and has Post Doctoral training in Pediatrics and Perinatal care (Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics, 2008). In order to serve the varied needs of varied patients, she practices a variety of techniques. Several times a year she engages in continuing education seminars to provide the most effective and relevant care to her practice members.